Paragliding Experienced Pilot Training (P5)

Turkey, Ayaş, Ankara, Denizli, Ören
Activity Duration: 4-6 Weeks
Cancel up to: Until 15 days


In this course competitor pilot training is given on paragliding sport. Pilots will perform challenging flights including altitude flight, advanced sale, advanced thermal, distance flight and competition flights and achieve the level of being able to fly in different geographies and weather conditions on their own. Pilots will learn to perform collective distance flights in their own responsibility.


A discount of 250 TRY for woman pilot candidates and students!

After payment, please send your documents to [email protected] with your reservation code. Following the control and approval procedures, the discount amount will be refunded to the credit card by which you make payment.


The aim of the altitude flights is to teach distance and competition techniques. Flights will be planned for the trainees depending on the meteorological conditions and in company with the trainer and with contact by amateur radios, XC-Cross Country (Distance Flight) practices will be done. During distance flights trainer and assistant trainers will fly with the trainee and helps to make distance flight flawless and successful. The training flights are video recorded, and they are evaluated by trainers after the flights so that learners can gain the perfect flight technique.

Flights are generally performed in Ayaş. Distance flights may be performed in other flight regions by making camps.

At the end of the course experienced pilot candidate will gain distance/competition flight skills. The ones completing the course successfully will be entitled to be an experienced pilot and reach the level of being able to fly and compete in any kind of weather conditions and geographies. Regular attendees of courses can be tandem pilot or assistant trainer by attending the next stage, T1 (Tandem Pilot) trainings after completing their trainings if they want. Our club is an active training institution across the country where any kind of training on paragliding is given by experienced trainers under it.


  • Doing all the controls before flights,
  • Completing minimum 4 sorties and 10 hours of flight time in total.
  • Doing 100 km and above distance flight in total,
  • Being able to use the wireless and electronical devices completely,
  • Being in control wholly during take-offs and flights,
  • Applying all air traffic rules
  • Flights must be GPS recorded.


Training is given at the hills and weather conditions suitable for paragliding in Ankara-Ayaş, Aksaray-Mount Hasan, Denizli-Çökelez and Kayseri-Alidağ.


  • Human Physiology
  • Navigation and Electronical Device Usage,
  • Advanced Controlling,
  • Meteorology,
  • Practical Flight and Safety,
  • Active Pilotage,
  • Competition Flight Technique
  • Distance Flight Technique,
  • Emergency Actions,
  • Throwing/Packing of Reserve Parachute.


The course will last until all pilot candidates have training in the same standards.

  • Ankara, 01-15 September 2019


All pilots who will join the course must meet the conditions below.

  • Having paragliding pilot (P4) license,
  • Having own paragliding equipment,
  • Having suitable fitness and physical conditions,
  • Having a valid first aid certificate approved by the Ministry of Health (THK Condition)
  • Having a whole set of equipment including electronic devices suitable for distance flights,
  • Having minimum 10 hours of GPS recorded flight. (after P4 certificate)
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old,
  • Having no health condition that may prevent participants from flying. Pilots who have health conditions related to epilepsy, asthma, heart, waist and spine cannot join. (Getting a medical report)


  • Flight equipment (may be rented if desired)
  • Transportation to the flight region and accommodation fees
  • All personal expenditures
  • Insurance and certificate fees


  • In order to actually fly in the competitions, you need to reach the experienced pilot "P5-Pilot" level.
  • Our club reserves its right to cancel the course due to the meteorological conditions. In this case, you can either join a course in a different period or get your money back.
  • Paragliding is actually a safe nature sport if performed within the limits and appeals to a quite large population. However, this sport is not an activity like the ones we do every day such as walking or running and may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, our priority is always SAFETY during this training period and the training of learners who are not considered suitable for paragliding sports may be stopped at any stage and again, if practicing this sport threatens the lives of learners, their training is stopped at any stage. Trainee's objections will not be accepted at this point.
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Included Services
  • Paragliding Advanced Pilot Training
  • Advanced Pilot Training Book
  • THK Approved Paragliding Advanced Pilot Certificate


  • This activity does not contain accommondation.


  • Transportation is not included


2000 TRY

per person


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